The Importance of Buying a CMDA-Approved Plot in Chennai

Are you planning on buying property in Chennai? You will have to make sure it is approved by the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA). 

The CMDA is the designated authority for regulating real estate development in the Chennai Metropolitan Area.

All residential projects and plots that come within the Chennai Metropolitan Area must be approved by the CMDA. All building construction plans must be sent across to CMDA for scrutiny before the plan commences. Approval of a plan requires the real estate developers or constructors if they abide by the land usage guidelines. Once the plan is approved, builders must complete construction before the specified time of CMDA. Their approval doesn’t stop at the beginning of the project. Once the project has been completed, it has to be thoroughly inspected by the CMDA to check if the developers adhered to the approved plan. With this final validation, a completion certificate is produced indicating the project conforms with the approved plan and that all the required standards are met.

If a project is completed without the approval of the CMDA, the project can be demolished, sealed or a stay order can be issued. So, it is important to buy plots that have been accepted by the CMDA. 

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What are the Benefits of Buying CMDA-Approved Plots?

  • CMDA-approved plots have a better appreciation and a higher resale value.
  • It is easier to obtain a bank loan for construction and reconstruction on CMDA-approved plots.
  • The land transaction for a CMDA-approved plot with a clear title is easy and transparent. Also, the resale process is easy for these plots.
  • A CMDA-approved plot falls within the confines of the city of Chennai. So, if you need to buy a plot in Chennai, go for the one that is authorised by CMDA.
  • Given that a CMDA-approved plot falls within the Chennai city limits, there is the advantage of having access to good connectivity and social infrastructure.
  • There is good substantial value for CMDA-approved plots due to the approval process being lengthy, and the plot being approved only after several factors are taken into consideration.
  • A building constructed on a CMDA-approved plot will hardly come to the point of getting demolished without a proper legal reason.

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So, next time you want to buy a plot of land or a building in Chennai, make sure it has been approved by the CMDA. Check if the project has a completion certificate. Confirming this will ensure you do not run into legal issues in the future. 

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