Evolution of Thematic Projects in Indian Real Estate

To keep pace with the altering trends and demands across the world, the Indian real estate sector is leveraging innovation and luxury by launching spell-binding ‘theme-based projects’ that bring the likes of Greece, Spain, and Seattle to your doorsteps.

Read on to know more about the evolution of this concept, the driving forces behind the spurge of theme-based housing projects in India, and its rippling effect on the real estate sector.

Theme-based Housing Projects – Redefining Luxury and Innovation

Swimming pools, play areas, and gymnasiums are a thing of the past and seen as essential. Breathing in the digital air, people are intoxicated with and seek the sleek and glowing lifestyle of the luxury world. The real estate sector waiting in the wings unfurled limitless choices and splashy styles.

To match the fierce competition and daunting demands of the customers, the top builders in Chennai have left no stone unturned in taking luxury to a new level. By transforming the hot-selling plots in Chennai into a completely different world, builders in Chennai have brilliantly melded international styles and trending themes like Spanish, Moroccan, and Mediterranean to create dream-like housing projects.

Thematic Projects are not just about building a home, it is a reverie you get to live in created with the style, concept, theme, structure, and aura you dreamed of. The top builders in Chennai offer you on a golden platter a reflection of your ideas, environment, specific era, and culture you asked for. It is undoubtedly the golden wand a new-age buyer could ask for. The three most popular themes in housing projects are:

Architecture themes: The architectural designs from different eras such as Gothic, Indo-Saracenic, post-modernistic, etc are modernized to make style statements.

Culture-based themes: The essence of different cultures are blended and integrated into the building style, such as the minimalistic designs of the Japanese, nature designs of Scandinavians, rustic Mediterranean, homely African flavors, the vibrancy of Indians, etc.

Lifestyle themes: The lifestyle and values of the buyer determine the themes here. Such as sports townships, child-centric homes, pre-certified green buildings, health and wellness apartments, and more.

Thematic projects lift the saturation of the real estate sector

Heights of novelty, style, and sophistication have taken the real estate sector by storm. Overtly informed and globe-trotting urban home buyers desire comforts beyond the normal. An appealing design and an elegant theme have become their basic ask. Why are theme-based housing projects turning into a fad? Let us read more.

Replicating your imagination: Brick on brick, you get to build the world around you, breaking boundaries and conventions.

Elevated lifestyle: The best reward of these thematic projects is, that you get to live with a like-minded community, gifting yourself the lifestyle you have planned all along.

Harmony in aesthetics: Every bend, corner, and décor of your home gets harmonized with your theme, complementing the overall concept and creating a pleasing balance.

Creativity comes alive: The endless possibilities of theme-based homes are sure to bring out the best of your creative side. Your fantasy turns reel! Connect and curate every tiny space of your home just as you imagined.

The bountiful future of thematic projects

The top builders in Chennai have gone a level further in adding a unique dimension with innovative luxuries to differentiate their usual residential homes. They are getting into joint ventures with foreign interior experts, international architects, designer firms, and hospitality brands to come up with alluring theme-based residential projects.

Elephantine, Chennai’s top real estate developer creates a world of one’s own in just a few acres. With top-class amenities and features, residents are transported to a different world the moment they set foot in one of Elephantine’s projects. Elephantine is one of Chennai’s most popular real estate agencies, having exquisite projects designed to meet people’s needs while keeping the current trends in mind. Some projects to that have placed Elephantine on the map are Bliss in the Town, Noombal Gardenia, and Pristine Bay


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